Our Values
  1. Curious and inquisitive with a pioneering spirit: We are not lulled by the status quo and have no fear of challenging it. We aren’t afraid to keep asking why. We approach conflicts and challenges with a creative, problem-solving spirit. This is how we demonstrate our leadership and command of our space. We’re the McGuyver of the design community.
  2. Curators of joy and enthusiasm: Sometimes quirky and unorthodox, we don’t take ourselves too seriously. We find joy in collaborative working and strive to structure the Roofmeadow project experience in ways that our clients find to be fun and engaging. Our relationships with each other and our clients are personal, and, to the extent possible, joyful.
  3. Interconnected: Life, the universe and everything are completely interconnected. We are conscious of how we affect each other in the office and of our connectedness to the communities in which we work. Roofmeadow’s enrichment depends on and is balanced by its commitment to this greater good. Supported by listening skills, communication skills, empathy and respect, we holistically tap into our Client’s underlying business or emotional stressors to provide a better design and service experience. As a result, we continually build and value connections with our clients, their communities and their stakeholders to create a meaningful impact.
  4. Craftsmen – and craftswomen – of grounded and doable ideas and designs: We take pride both in our work and in the way we comport ourselves. We pay attention to detail and deftly marry technical expertise with artistry. Our designs and deliverables are thoughtful, well-researched and well-crafted. We are thorough, particular and professional.
  5. Initiative-takers and self-starters: We all step up to the plate when we see potential for helping out. Nobody is shy about pitching a new idea. We all are invested in Roofmeadow and know that its success depends on all of us.