Who We Are

The Built Environment Re-imagined.

Founded in 1997, Roofmeadow spearheaded science-based, technical green roof design, resulting in the most compelling innovations in the industry. Building on that legacy, Roofmeadow now integrates landscape architecture and engineering to create inspiring landscapes spanning rooftops, structures, and at-grade sites. Whether “floating” on depth limited surfaces – like roofs or parking lots – or enlivening expansive social spaces, Roofmeadow designs create new possibilities for biophilic placemaking.

Design Innovation Studio.

Science, meet Beauty. Roofmeadow will never stray from its engineering roots, but it’s the rhythms of the natural world and the spontaneity of the human spirit that drive our design vision. Roofmeadow’s landscape architects, civil engineers, horticulturalists, and construction specialists integrate innovative green infrastructure into captivating resource balanced designs. Our  interdisciplinary Design Innovation Studio excels at materials research, detailed technical design, and practical means and methods engineering to bring the most ambitious dreams to life.

Unique Support for Elevated Spaces.

Roofmeadow continues to provide wraparound lifecycle design and quality assurance for roofscapes, including long term warranties, stewardship guidance, and dedicated contractor support that spans bidding to stewardship. Design and installation of simple and complex roofscapes present unique technical and trade-coordination challenges, as well as fascinating programming opportunities. Roofmeadow’s quality assurance, design-stewardship, and warranty program for its roofscapes remains unrivaled.

Design Qualifications.

View Roofmeadow’s Design Qualifications. Explore our recent work and experience how our design vision and technical prowess differentiates us.