Penn State University Brandywine, Student Union and Residence Hall
Media, PA

The landscape architectural design for the new Residence Hall and Student Union at Penn State Brandywine defines a new precinct for the campus. Roofmeadow looked to the existing campus’s landscape structure: picturesque central green, parkland slope, native woods, pedestrian movement, and vegetation typologies, to help fit the new outdoor spaces thoughtfully and gracefully into the existing campus.

The new landscape design extends the unique character of preexisting campus zones. Walkways were located to weave a clear and coherent journey for pedestrians while discretely providing access for move-in day operations and emergency service. Outdoor terraces were placed, not only for views and comfort, but to help draw students and visitors through the new landscape.

The planting design takes its cue from distinctive landscape element on the campus, unifying and maintaining the integrity of the landscape character: reinforcing the central green, enhancing the inherent beauty of the woodland edge with flowering understory trees, and the curving pedestrian walk linking the new Residence Hall to upper campus. All landscape elements – the planting beds, the meadows and the lawns – are designed to maximize the potential for integrating social, visual, and stormwater management benefits.